Latest T2D2 Updates

These are the latest updates to the T2D2 artificial intelligence inspection software platform. This includes a list of new features as well as resolved bugs.

April 5, 2024

Here are the latest updates on the T2D2 platform. To test them out, sign up or log in to your account at t2d2.ai! You can always find a complete change log by visiting our online help documentation.  

🚀 New Features

  • 🌇 Download images with annotations - You can now download images with annotations attached! This feature, available in image and orthomosaic list view, allows you to download the clean images alone, or with the annotations embedded in the image.
  • ⚙️ Viewer Tool Redesign - The image, orthomosaic and drawing viewers now have a redesigned toolbar. This redesign was to accommodate some new features, as well as to simplify and clean up the existing features in the toolbar
  • 📏 Measure Tool - The measure tool is now available! You no longer have to draw annotations in order to measure distances and areas in the viewer. Distance can be scaled based on the scale property of images and orthomosaics. 
  • ➡️ Previous/Next Navigation - While the in-line navigation tool is still available, you now have the capability of moving to the next image directly from the toolbar. 
  • ✏️ Annotations with pattern hatches - We have added a new annotation label class called "hatch." In the future, you will be able to change any custom label fill pattern, in addition to the color. 
  • 👩‍🎨 Ability to change annotation colors - You can now change your annotation fill and line colors, even for default annotation classes!
  • 🌲 Show region based tree structure - When you use the double colon (::) separator, you can now create nested regions, which are viewed in the categories menu.  
  • 🏷️ Tags sections in separate menu - The menu to view all tags currently in use on a project has been moved out of the Categories page into its own page under Settings
  • 📂 Downloads retention - .zip compressed files in the downloads menu bar are now retained only for seven days. This does not imact reports found under Files>>Reports. 
  • 🌎 Changes in map view - Map view has been redesigned to be more responsive. Geotags may be consolidated at higher zoom levels. Zoom in to see more detail and click on the location you are looking for. This is particularly helpful when loading very large quantities of geotags on a map, such as for a complex drone survey.

Bug Fixes

  • Stop tasks - You may have noticed that the "stop" feature of the task list was experiencing issues. The stop button should now work and correctly stop the task selected.
  • Timeline view bugs - There were some bugs in the timeline view and the timeline view settings which have been resolved.
  • Viewer responsiveness - Some backend changes were made to the image, drawing and orthomosaic viewers to make them more responsive
  • Subscription signup - There were some minor bugs related to signing up with Google single-sign-on that have been resolved.
  • List view selection - You may have noticed that there were some issues with the selection check boxes on the list view pages. This has now been resolved. 

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