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Elevate your inspections

T2D2's online inspection portal is a cloud software solution that allows building owners and their engineers to conveniently store inspection imagery all in one place.

Whether the photos are taken by camera, mobile device or drone, it all can be uploaded to the T2D2 Inspection Cloud.

Supercharge your inspection analysis with the T2D2 Artificial Intelligence Damage Detector to automatically find red flags that require immediate attention. Monitor deterioration over time to find where intervention is needed the most.

Unlike a human inspector, the T2D2 Damage Detector uses computer vision trained by hundreds of thousands of forensic images to recognize deterioration sooner and catalog exterior inspection data faster, more accurately and with deeper levels of insight.

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Improve your inspections immediately, with or without drones


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What T2D2 has to offer

Saas Cloud

Inspection Cloud

Manage all of your inspection assets in one place, from photos to videos and more. Conveniently track all detections across imagery and compare across time.


AI Damage Detector

Use cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to automatically detect material damage, dramatically cutting down inspection review time.


Drone Provider Network

Take advantage of the T2D2 Drone Service Partner network to secure top-notch inspections of your asset. Fly your own drone? Join the network!


What our customers say

“An AI Revolution in Structural Health Assessment”

“This technology saves us a phenomenal amount of time and effort”

“The system flags many defects that even our team of trained engineers would have easily missed”

“T2D2 is the future of structural inspections. This should be the way all structures are inspected”

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