More Control with the Artificial Intelligence Inspection Technology for Building Operators

Manual inspection processes are unpredictable. Save time, money and resources with T2D2's AI-driven building inspection suite.

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T2D2 Building Owners Faster Solution

Artificial Intelligence Building Drone Inspection

Building owners and operators are shifting from outdated, expensive methods of inspection that depend on the human eye for their building inspection, monitoring, and assessment.
Wouldn't it be nice to save for once? When buildings and properties need repair, asset owners and building managers must act for safety and accountability– and to save on restoration expenses. 
Traditional forms of manual building inspection are costly, time-consuming, and tedious. Drones offer a hassle-free method for routinely inspecting your buildings. A proactive approach is less headache and more importantly, costs less over time. 

End-to-end electronic management to catch and track building deterioration 

Get a complete historical picture of your asset to detect potentially worsening conditions sooner. Maintain an entire history of your asset, damage and repair from the cloud for anytime, anywhere access.

Reduce costly deferred maintenance from early intervention

Save money by avoiding costly deferred maintenance, code violations, fines and potential safety hazards.

Reduce risk with more complete Inspection Results

Analyze 100% of your captured imagery instead of relying on sample inspections that don't cover your entire asset.

T2D2 building owners Benefits End to end

AI Building Inspection Software for Owners & Operators


Save Time on Inspection Analysis


Reduce Liabilities by Keeping Safe Buildings

Severity Classification

Reduce Risk From Sub-Par Binocular Inspections


Reference Historical Imagery Anytime

Building Damage Condition AI Drone Inspection

Faster, more proactive... infinitely practical

Still hiring an inspector to scale the sides of buildings or hang from a rope? More property owners, commercial brokers, facilities management firms, and building managers seek artificial intelligence drone inspection technology for its speed, accuracy, and usefulness. 

Proactive commercial and real estate building inspection with T2D2 keeps people safe and prevents minor facade problems from multiplying in size, scope, and added repair costs. 

Besides a safer return of investment, commercial real estate professionals use drone photography because the aerial perspective delivers better information faster and more economically than traditional ground observation methods.

Once you see how it works, these benefits are even more evident.


Auto Detection

80+ types of damage in over eight different building materials

Digital Twin

Visualize your client's asset on a cloud-based web portal trained on 3.5TB of imagery

Improve Safety

Reduce time spent on field inspections and reduce safety risk by performing more work in the office

Get Organized

Retain comprehensive, geotagged asset imagery for future reference and future inspections

Reduce Risk

Reduce risk of undetected damage conditions from far-away binocular ground inspections

Improved Filings

Avoid regulator report rejections due to issues with photo quality or photo locations

Export Reports

Export auto-generated reports with mapped photos and marked damage conditions

Stand Out

Provide your clients with client user access to T2D2, enhancing your deliverable

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