T2D2 Pricing Plans for Every Type of User

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Tier Plan Pricing



$99 /mo




$499 /mo




Starting at $1,399 /mo

Starting at $15,000/yr

Data Limit
Starting at 100GB
Project Limit
Users Per Project
AI Damage Detector
Knowledge Base
Email and Knowledge Base
1:1 Dedicated Representative
14 Days
14 Days
Condition Ratings
Condition Status
Tag Management
Drone Network Access
Auto Image Triangulation
AI Consultation
API Access


Add any of the below features to your project
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Create a high-resolution 2D image of up to four elevations to annotate imagery in T2D2.

3D Point Cloud

3D Point Cloud in .LAS or .LAZ format created using photogrammetry from imaged uploaded to T2D2. 

BIM Model

Building information model in Autodesk Revit file format along with PDF drawings

AI Detection

Automatically detect and classify conditions in your uploaded images using the AI Damage Detector.

Inspection Professionals

Check out T2D2's pricing for firms that specialize in inspection services, including UAV drone partners.


Need clarification?

Is T2D2 a subscription product?

Yes. T2D2 is a browser-based cloud software platform that is sold as a subscription. You always have the ability to export your data, upgrade/downgrade your subscription, or cancel.

How many users can access my T2D2 license?

The number of users differs based on your T2D2 project tier.

Can I change my plan later?

Yes you can always change your project tier. This includes both downgrading and upgrading your project. You can also archive your project if you want to access it at a later date.

What if I want to use T2D2 on more than one project?

Fantastic! We are glad that you have recognized the value of T2D2 across multiple projects in your organization. You can always add more projects within your T2D2 account, within the limitations of your plan tier. 

Can I resell T2D2 to my clients?

T2D2 does enter into reseller agreements. We also have a referral program. If you are interested in becoming a T2D2 evangelist and participating in this program, get in touch!

How does the data limit work?

The data limit is a total data storage limit that cannot be exceeded at any time. It is not a monthly, cumulative, per project, per upload or per user limit. It is attached to your license and is the limit that is applied at all times. If your data limit is 100GB, that means that you cannot have more than 100GB of project data uploaded to the T2D2 cloud at any given time. You are able to archive projects to free up room within your tier limit. 

Can I cancel my plan?

You can cancel your plan at any time. Note that if you have paid for an annual plan, we do not offer prorated credits or refunds based on when you cancel your plan. 

Can I archive a project?

Yes, you can archive a project to free up space that counts toward your data limit. The following conditions apply to archived projects:

  1. Client may archive a Project on the T2D2.ai platform at any time
  2. Client may archive/unarchive a Project a maximum of three (3) times
  3. When a Project is archived, it will not be accessible to any user on the Project, regardless of permission level
  4. When a Project is archived, it will count towards the subscription tier data cap at 25% of the total Project data amount. When unarchived, the Project will count towards the cap at 100% of the total Project data amount. 
  5. There is no limit on how long a Project can be archived. However, archived Projects are subject to the same data retention terms as all other Projects in the subscription, including data retention once subscriptions are lapsed or canceled.

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